Imagine you were able to see the future! To see the winning lottery numbers, winning numbers at the casino roulette or some other event in the future that can make you a wealthy person. Of course those events in particular are impossible to predict but is it the same for all future events?

Is there such an event which from one side is creating or distributing wealth while at the same time is susceptible to forecasting?

YES, there is! The best match to the above criteria is the Next US Recession! An event which is part of the normal business cycle, an event that can be forecasted and an event which will transfer wealth from unprepared to those who are prepared.

To take advantage of it you must learn those dangers and opportunities it creates.

What's included

When is expected?

When we'll see the next recession? Find out when is the most probable period of time to expect the next recession. You'll also learn what events precede the recession.

What is expected?

Is it going to be ugly? This report contains our expectations of how big the recession will be and what will be affected the most. Real estate, stocks, crypto?

Stock market

Stock market is always vulnerable to recessions. But do all stocks behave the same? Find out which are to be avoided. Are there any upcoming investment opportunities?


Can this new recession be the end of the money as we know them? Nobody can tell for sure but one thing is clear gold will have big role in the next recession.

Fiat & Crypto Currencies

That will be the first recession since the invention of the crypto currencies. Find out how digital currencies are expected to perform.

Jobs & Business

No matter if you are an owner of business or you are an employee the next recession could bring you a lot of trouble. To be prepared always pays off.

Last time billions of people were affected and only few really prepared.

Every recession creates danger and opportunities

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